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Monday, January 14, 2008
ta dah...!! unveilin the brown me, sans d LEXICON (?!)
people keep calling me a lexicon... i told me mom the other day that the umbilical cord that held me strapped, in her cosy-comfy womb, for her entire period of gestation, must have been darn straining... i mean, from what people have told me, if my genotype had this weird helix of chromosomes that screamed THESAURUS, right through every inch of every strand, then i must have been a helluva heavy baby to carry! but mom did... and if she did it that effortlessly (oh oooh, that adjective incidentally, my dad's gonna vouch for that!) , then i see no sonorous rhyme or reason why people can't stand me for what i'm... it pains me when my wavy sexy hair goes unnoticed ... it pains me more when my 'wide splitting grin', tailor-made for the flash bulbs, gets no mention on me frens list of 'must-discuss-it' topics... but my occasional use of the word 'acrimonious', now that's splattered across the not-so-hallowed portals of me col... yamah, yabah, yapah... anyways, as things stand, me's not complainin so much bout the fact that my nomenclature's been tampered with... i might scream holy-sacrilege and for all i care, that just might be lost out amidst the pithy conundrum called, 'vinay's penchant for oxymorons' ... but enough of me blabber ... this blog's here 2 stay n this lexicon's not gonna go wasted, having been cooped up within the innards of me verbiose self, for quite some time now... my frens have been hollering for some real esoteric-cloud-nine-diction ( sad they think it's a disorder, is me verbal-babble!) ... but more than anything, it's coz someone very recently told me that writing's-damn-right-therapeutic... so here goes me new start to the new year... i'm writing and cheerio for that ... applaud people, i'l pay you folks by the clap if only you doffed your no-nonsense hat to me and me literary fare !! ciaooooooooo .......... n vinay, buddy, u better write right mate ... coz you of all the people ought to know that with you writing, the thesaurus is never gonna go wasted with your hapless readers!!
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