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Monday, January 14, 2008
mr aamir khan, pls take a bow :)
i sauntered into the movie hall for this movie, that's making all the right noises, a few days back... the movie of course being taare zameen par... and boy did it pan out 'wow' or what ... when the painter hanging precariously atop a sky rise building, mixes the glistening bucket of colours and splatters it across his concrete canvas, you are dumbstruck... dumbstruck with awe as blobs of paint nonchalantly spring out of his matted brush and land with magnificent plonks on ishant's face... the imagery i have just described, the description itself, doesn't do justice to the magic that this movie weaves... it has to be xperienced, period, the 'period' itself being a prelude to the many periods whence me's gonna say, tzp rocks... i have this one lecturer at col who thinks i write like dickens! now before you folks get all presumtuous and spank me well rounded bottom for committing literary blasphemy, let me tell you that this lady loathes me and that she meant it as an accusation... which me left me precious lil to ponder about, since she appeared to get this vicarious kick dickensifying me!! so vinay made a vow... he vowed that he's gonna dutifully pander her ego henceforth and use words that she can easily understand, without her having to fish for the shift-f7 key, much before she can cry foul and TWIST herself in unfathomable frustration, oliver or not! i have officially started sprouting muscles in the torso region, as my gym capers over the last couple of months have started yielding bulging results... for the uninitiated, i'm a second year MBA student, and i still have a couple of xams to finish before next week, after which i come a semester close to being able to afford my own fuel expenses or splurging on the latest paperback ... half my friends are already placed on campus, and me's still waiting for that 'creative' job that will hopefully come my way... i told mom, that the day i'l make an ad for gitanjali jewels or nakshatra diamonds, she's gonna be the muse... she just blushed, something my dad's been unable to get her to do for quite sometime now! life's rolling along gathering all kinds of hmmmm-inducing-moss and i only hope dickens will script me a story that's half as tragic and twice as adventurous as his literatti offerings are :) ... happy sankranthi to everybody who chances upon this blogspace of mine...
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