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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
stark NAKEDNESS in my sky...
before you folks start screaming out for the moral police to come down heavy on me and make me chew me words, i suggest you hear me out... the topic in question has nothing to do with wardrobe malfunction as the provocateur-title suggests... this thought first hit me when me went on and on bout making it big as an ad-man ... some of my friends just laughed in amusement at what they thought was another of my ha-ha-wisecracks... there was this bunch of naysayers who felt that the right side of my brain was clogged with all things GOOFY and that me would come a cropper... there was this other section of peers who volunteered the 'end-is-nigh' apocalyptic forecast for me, the minute i said i intend to afford my kids nappies, making ads... now there are engineers and there are engine-errs... sad they think it's me on the 'err-ing' line when all that i wanna do is make ads that people are gonna watch without having to reach for the remote everytime my creatives unfold on air... so that's a whole lot of nakedness that's ostensible from vinay's end... 'naked' coz there are no two ways bout taking a dekko into my gray matter and yanking out beads of thoughts whose follicles are rooted in anyhting other than 'advertising'... and for those of you who don't know the etymology of the word 'advertising', it stems from the latin word 'advertere' which means 'to turn to'... that's all the trivia me wants to junk my blogspace with as with all trivia, your readership halves itself like some inconsolable hydra that's hellbent on not multiplying itself... weird imagery, aye?? neways, my taxation xam's drawing closer and boy is it taxing or what... and for all those people who cannot fathom why me's studying tax policies when all that i wanna do is make bipasha basu gyrate neath a h2o-fall and shoot all my TVCs, my only spluttering riposte is, 'another semester folks before i fly into MY sky' ...
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