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Friday, January 25, 2008
i am legend ?!!!
no folks, me ain't no legend... the syllogism that vinay is legend, and that all legends r superheroes, which translates to me being a super hero is fultooo shit... what me meant was, that my taxin xam's over and that i didn't do half as badly as i thought i would... so cheerio to that... i'l be bangalored for 4 more days after which me and my gang of croonies head off to goa to get ourselves tanned... so yipppppppppeeeeeeee to that too :) ... companies are hovering around our col, but none of them seem to interest me... let's see how much more time before i can afford my own thongs ... n talking about thongs, what's this new found fascination with guys wearing their thongs on their sleeves... the brand name, from what i gather, is as much of a fashion statement as ur xteriors are... and flaunting the neckline of your thong and making it scream out 'peek-a-boo' is in-vogue... christ !!... makers of thongs have never had it so gud, well, thanks to the metro-sexual male... and what's all this hoopla bout the metro-sexual male... surely it's not a CLUB that the male fraternity has started with an inclination to show off their effeminate side... and even if being a metro-sexual literally translates to, 'come take a dekko into the brand of thongs my hips are supporting', how lame, coining a word for the syndrome and making it seem like being a part of the club is kewl... yapppaaa... last known, my hormones are still called 'testosterone' and i'm happy their nomenclature's not been tampered with... i'll try to get in a word on this space before i head off to goa for an entire week... till then, please use fair and lovely guys, coz even though i spewed all those vicious remarks against u folks, my bread and butter will hinge upon selling 'promises' bundled amidst oodles of hormones, to u unsuspecting gits... so, till i start selling 'dreams' then, ciaooo...
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