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Sunday, March 16, 2008
i'm a 'kept man' ... and yippeeeee to that !
it's been a while now since i have posted anything on me blog-space... that's coz urs truly was wallowing in self pity at not having received any favourable response from any of the ad agencies he's approached till date... the bottom line: things ain't happening on the work front... i would give both my arms off and my feet too for good measure, to be able to work for an ad agency...but after days of calling up agencies and asking whether they wouldn't mind interviewing this git, none of them have even shown the slightest bit of interest in my cv... it is very frustrating, especially when ur girl's landed a plush job with a reputed software company...i always joke around with my girl that the reason she's placed way before me is the reason our relationship's gonna last aeons... i mean, all the famous love stories that i can remember, have had the girl land a job way before the guy did... it happens in archer's 'prodigal daughter' where florentyna lands a job as a store assistant in a fashion boutique, whilst poor ole richard's scouting for jobs... it happens in erich segal's 'love story' when the bloke studies to become a lawyer for two yawning years whilst his better half runs the house... chandler does a lil jiggle in the hugely popular sitcom 'friends' when he's out of a job and monica pushes a dollar note into his outstretched hands and says matter-o-factly, "you are indeed my kept-man!"... what irks me most about job hunting is the fact that your prospective employer almost always rubbishes you off as another dim-witted moron, even before he's gotten the measure of you... i still have another three months to go before i can start to panic... companies are coming to our college, but none of them have even remotely interested me... bips is waiting for me to come and make her gyrate neath a h2o-fall... srk's getting desperate to have me work for an ad agency, especially now that he's got his hands full with cricket and 5th grade-wannabes... the k'taka poiticos want me on their side, now that the state elections are looming large and they need somebody prodigiously gifted at advtg to make them look 'to-for-and-by-the-people'... dhoni let his best chum have deepika only so that he could shoot more ads for me.... and his best chum ensnared deepika, well, to have me make 'em both chant 'youngistaaaaan' in chorus, albeit sans the traipsing-in-me-malfunctioning-towel ranbir... time's running out agencies, coz if you don't pick me out soon, then the celebs are gonna be miffed... not the right way to antagonise the very people around whom you weave dreams, aye?! as for me, my fingers are crossed and all that i can say in incomprehensible bewilderment is, "mera number kab aayega??" ...


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  • At March 16, 2008 at 8:01 AM, Blogger ankith said…

    hey maga...nice post ley....hey dont worry macha u'll be definitely picked by the top ad agency itself...n ofcourse u'll be shootin ads for so called celebs of india...think big sure u'll be shootin to the likes of federer n becks....n ofcourse dont be surprised if ya shootin me !!1he he he ...jus kiddin pa....:-/

  • At March 16, 2008 at 8:02 PM, Blogger mister avant garde said…

    neenu born celeb kanoo raja :)... i'm ur personal ad maker kanoo ... all ur ads vil b shot by me itself pa :) ...

  • At March 18, 2008 at 9:49 AM, Blogger venkvb said…

    Hey vinay.....i am sure you will get into one of the best ad firms within these 3 months.....& your gal will be more than impressed !!

  • At March 19, 2008 at 2:38 AM, Blogger mister avant garde said…

    hey venki, thanx a ton 4 everythin man :)

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