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Friday, April 25, 2008
my true calling 'called' me, FINALLY ...
i'm into Advertising .... saying that is like breaking through years of bondage and wading through aeons of slush before falling into lady advertere's arms :) ... it's like a part of me had totally switched off to the concept of 'life' coz i have never seen myself flex even a teensy professional muscle for anything other than advertising... and now that it has happened, it feels darn bloody goooooooooooood ... i have begged, hemmed, hawed, stuttered, spluttered, broken-down, cried, laughed-in-achingly-agonising-agony, been-sneered-at, ridiculed and just plain written-off by all and sundry ... but after overturning all my overtures, lady advertere finally yanked me into her fold... my girl summed it up THE best when she said, " hon, now that u're back where u WANNA belong, the bomb's ticking allrite" ... she meant it in jest, to make it seem like i'll be making clutter-breaking ads every second hour of my ad-infested-existence... whether i make it big or not, atleast i'm SMILING ... yes, i'm finally SMILING :) ...
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