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Monday, February 9, 2009
25 things you didn't know about me!
So you think you know me, right down to my loo habits and the insanely weird quirks i wear proudly on my sleeve? Dig this!

I have to first wear my left shoe/floater/slip on, ALWAYS, before my right foot gets clothed!

I have a horrendously bad memory, so much so that I sometimes don’t even remember the few good lines I write!

I have a thing for long wavy hair (In the opposite sex, that is! Course my girl’s got flowing hair, else I wouldn’t be digging my own grave writing this!).

I have the sweetest tooth possible, like ever known to the whole of mankind. I also have weird cravings for chocolate truffle in the wee hours of the morning!

I make the yummiest Maggi noodles. That incidentally is the only thing I know how to cook!

I don’t know how to swim without a swimming tube!

There hasn’t been a single time I have gotten into a swimming pool and not peed in it!

I can never get a tongue twister wrong, or even so much as stammer in the middle of a real knotty one!

I shaved for the first time when I was in my 10th standard from my father’s razor. I lamely told my mom later on, that I SCRAPED the non existent tufts of hair on my face to ward off pimples!

I can finish any book in one day.

I cannot for the life of me add two 2 digit numbers without help!

I used to pronounce ‘FAUX PAS’ as ‘fox pass’ and not ‘faw pah’, till I was 20.

Stomach this! I once ate a whole cooker of rice in one sitting, single handedly, because my dad was disgruntled about my eating habits.

I have to, HAVE TO, have everything around me CLEAN and ORDERLY. I’m a cleanliness freak and cannot sleep a wink if there’s even a tiny speck of dirt in my loo!

My favourite TV channel till I passed my 12th std, was Cartoon Network!

I have a thing for women in sarees and I used to watch Ekta Kapoor’s serials (muted, with heavy metal playing on the stereo in the background) during my 12th std, only to lech at the saree clad protagonists!

I think formal clothes are anathema. I would never be caught in a starched pin striped suit, much less a tux.

I suffer from vertigo. Heights make me really, really dizzy.

I can never take an injection without fainting. 5 minutes into the injection, and I will surely, ALWAYS faint.

I can never write more than a paragraph by putting pen to paper. I need to have the keyboard on my lap, as I lovingly look at the alphabets on it, and let my fingers weave magic.

I used to be paranoid about the sun on my skin till I was 20. There have been times I have gone to bring milk, as early as 6 in the morning, with unbrushed teeth and wearing sun screen lotion!

I am extremely narcissistic. Even more so about my brain, and partly the reason I’ll murder the person, who even comes close to questioning my intelligence.

I wear the hickies and nail marks on my bodice like a talisman.

I had once peed all over a carom board and had left a huge stain on it as a toddler. The carom board and the stain, much to my chagrin, are still there in our place.

I bunked my 12th std Chemistry Practical exams and went to the Chinnaswamy Stadium to watch Sachin rape England’s happiness. I eventually wrote my final boards only for 90 marks as the practicals I skipped, carried the remaining 10 marks!


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