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Wednesday, November 26, 2008
when giving is receiving ...
my girl keeps pulling my leg with this one line that's never failed to put a smile on my face, the line being, "hon, your money is my money and my money IS my money!". she of course only says that to make me grin goofily whenever i'm my broody self. people keep asking me about how easy or difficult it is to be in a relationship. and i tell every single one of them the same thing, every single time, that US ('us' being my girl and me!) works because 'us' wants us to work. true we fight like all other couples do. true we don't mince words and true we definitely don't yell euphemistically at each other when we are crossing swords over a certain issue. but, at the end of the day, if either one of us doesn't tuck the other in, then it does feel kinda 'empty and hollow'(the thumb rule being, i stay awake till hon feels sleepy, read kafka even if my eyes are screaming bloody hell and wanna shut close, msg sweet nothings every now and then, and finally send a lovey-dovey-awwwwwww-thoooooooo-cute-msg tucking her in when she says, "hon i'm thleeeeepy"!). but honestly speaking, nothing's gonna work if in some cranny of your sub-conscious, there is even a hint of a doubt about 'wanting' to make the relationship work. you tide over the bad times because you know your heart inwardly glows everytime your loved one fondly ruffles your hair or nuzzles up against your shoulder in a movie hall. a relationship, much like one's career, is what you make of it. you have to work at it every waking moment (sometimes even during the sleeping moments, like mine!) of your life. the emotional horoscopes and the oh-we-both-think-alike factors are a distant second to the keep the cogs of a relationship well oiled. i'm no tom hanks and my girl's no meg ryan (my girl's a stunner, meg ryan doesn't even match up to her. as for me , i'm the bumbling-goofy-skater-boi that tom hanks can never be!). but we do wish wistfully that we still wrote to each other and made the Indian postal dept flex their rear muscles at least a lil, as we started off as pen pals.(although i do irk her every now and then by telling quite unabashedly that i fell for her only after i saw her! sigh! once a man, always a pig!). still, at the end of the day, a relationship is what you think it is. that to me defines the success or failure of a relationship. no other love gauge can even come close to telling what works and what doesn't in a relationship. at the end of the day, like the saying i have tweaked to pander my shallow self goes, ' everything's fair in love and love alone, even if you are waging a war (against your hormones!) for it' (now see, that's where the 'war' in the adage had to used. funny nobody ever thought of it before!). never mind!


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