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Tuesday, September 16, 2008
miss being a last bencher!
it seems ages ago that i was caught msging in class ... i don't usually have to look at the keypad when i'm msging (being in a relationship necessitates that one become adept at doing things with eyes half-shut!) and i don't mean it in a bragging tone... i guess it was my marketing prof who chanced upon me feigning interest in class when my fingers were feverishly typing out msgs... after the initial volley of abuses (MBA lecs sure can scold!), and the whole charade of, "i'll confiscate your phone" trill, the lecturer went back to his Marketing-mumbo-jumbo ... i laid low for the rest of the class, but the 'catching-each-other's-eyes-and-winking' rigmarole continued right throughout the day... being a back bencher was fun... and not just because it was a vantage point from where one could direct mischief bordering on mayhem... it was fun, for the sheer ubiquity of being a back-bencher... i cannot recall ever having sat in the first few benches, EVER, right from my schooling years... and the things i have done sitting in the last bench, phew! ... here's a list of some of the bedlam i have inflicted on my environ from all the back benches that i have ever inhabited:

4th std: i had picked up this nasty habit of 'biting' people! ( i know, sounds urggggggggggghhh!)... anyways, this kid and i fought over some dumb thing... to avenge myself, i hatched up this glorious plan of sinking my milk teeth (i still had them, then!) into this poor kid's flesh, sitting in the last bench... one conniving meanie i was, even way back then!... fact remains, that this canine-victim of mine had to get an injection to negate the horrific aftermath of my bite... jeeez, i was nasty way back then!

5th std: learnt the usage of the F-word for the first time... again, only because i happened to be in the right place (last bench!) at the right time...

6th std: learnt how to copy during exams, thanks to the ingenuity of being a back-bencher...

7th std: was in the school cricket team... on match days, a handful of us in the class, who were in the school team, used to pile up our kit bags near the last benches... matches used to start later in the day, and we usually got in a couple of periods bef the school bus used to chauffer us to the play ground... i have spent more such early morning periods looking dreamily at all those kit bags and conjuring heroic cricketing images about myself :) ...

8th std: enter 'Playboy' ... need i say more!

9th std: knock, knock... who's there? ... peeping tom... peeping tom who? ... mr-voyeurist-vinay-himself !

10 th std: mix and match ... i studied in a co-ed school ... it was only fair that the last bench had a right blend of both boys and girls... like i said, i was no saint... and neither were the girls!

11th and 12th std: hardly attended as many classes to remember anything of note!

graduation: i have read a lot of my graduation-time-novels, lounging in the last bench... i went to a col that had students from Jordan, Sri Lanka and Mongolia ... exotic though it sounds, it was slim pickings, the opposite-sex-wise ... plus, had just started going out with my girl... hence the priesthood :)

post-graduation: probably THE best bunch of like-minded gits i got to spend academic life with ... sorely miss being an MBA-back-bencher ...

cut to the present where i'm sitting at office and typing this ... my cubicle is the last cubicle in the office... ours is a vertical assortment of cubicles and my cubby hole is the last in a series of questionably clean cubicles... hey, what do you know, life's not all that different, aye?!!


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