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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
am i creative???
Of late, every time i bump into somebody i know, or everytime my phone trills with a call from a friend, the first thing they say is, "oh! you are in Advertising? then you must be CREATIVE". meaning which, other bums doing other jobs for their physiological and self-actualisation needs are NOT creative? is that it? does me being in Advertising compulsorily translate to me being 'creative'? not that i'm not (so much for modesty heh?!). but when people from Advertising are stereotyped as 'creative' so emphatically, then the fact that there are tons of other people from different walks of life, who are 'creative' too, kinda fades into obscurity. honestly, 'creativity' is such an over-abused word in our social mileu, that to qualify as 'creative', the individual has to do something totally zany and unthinkable. like for instance, getting paris hilton to recite the gayatri mantra for say an anti-drug campaign, and equate purity of the mind (riddance from dope) to purity of the gayatri mantra, might qualify as 'creative'. but all that i did was take paris hilton (only because, i remembered my brother gawking at her last night on tv!) and the fact that she is constantly on the BAD side of the news (read adultery, dope and law-breaking), and REFORM her (hence the gayatri mantra). what's creative about the thought of wanting paris hilton to be a reformed soul whom you could take home to your mom (i know my bro's probably getting ideas reading this!). all that i did was paint a 'bad' picture 'good'. is that 'creative'? 'create-eve' is my fangled etymological explanation for the word 'creative'. with the creation of 'eve' was the creation of the world as we see it today. had she been the lovey-dovey types and faithfully stuck to not biting into forbidden crap, then she and adam would probably have been the only two living souls. she ate, got high (was vodka mixed in that apple?!), made out with adam, made kids and finally was responsible for that part of the genesis from where 'mankind' happened. so is that why 'creative' is 'create-eve'?! not to make this the last word on this topic, but somehow, everytime people say 1+1(you are in Advertisng + you have an ocean of raging hormones) = 111 (you are CREATIVE) is very, very farcical. i cringe when people say i'm creative (i'm randy maybe , crazy even. but 'creative' for creativity's sake, nope). creativity to me is 'creating' happiness. if hugh hefner wasn't creative enough to make bunnies out of women, none of those scrawny teenagers would have been happy. if Pele wasn't creative enough with his footballing skills, Brazil probably wouldn't have been talked in the same soccer-breath, that it is currently talked about in. creativity, is hence, to put it bluntly, 'creating happiness. period'. an ad is only a means to that end. nothing more, nothing less.
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