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Thursday, September 4, 2008
eena meena CHEEKA !

In case you people are wondering why puggy 'cheeka' is the subject of my discussion, let me clear the air. cheeka has done what no celebrity worth his salt has managed to do. SELL A FUCKING PRODUCT. AND SELL IT BIG! celebs will come and celebs will go. but cheeka's gonna stay in our mindspace forever as the choo-chweeeeeeeeeeeeet-puggy that pawed it's way into our hearts like no animal on four legs ever did. the only reason i'm still a vodafone-loyalist is because of this affable stub-tailed wonder! for the record, cheeka was paid a whooping 1.5 lakh for an entire day's shoot when the first commercial was shot by Nirvana. the brains at O&M (my Atlantis) first thought of a little oshin-esque girl (my gran and me used to dutifully watch oshin kowtow on doordarshan, when i was a little bundle myself!) following her elder brother (the same boy) around. the thought stuck, but 'lil-oshin' made way for the now hugely famous 'cheeka' who hailed from london. hamaare puggy ka pai-daa-ish tha London main, aur tharakki ki usne India main (the usage of Hindi and the intent itself behind it was more for shock-value than for impressing. you ought to know by now my hapless readers, that I'm LEARNING HINDI!). anyways, lil cheeka became famous and the sole four-pawed bastion of a huge telecom major. atta boy, you rock :)


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