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Monday, February 4, 2008
i feel like GOD!!
'goa' is probably the shortest state on the indian topography in terms of the number of letters it has ... but it sure has the largest populace of half-clothed homo sapiens whose hormones are hovering on a continuum of 'eternal high' ... i mean, the place screams out (G)irls, (O)pium and (A)lcohol through and through ... every brick of every wall of every house of every street has all the THREE of 'em flowing in abundance ... probably the only place i'm not gonna let my kids get a whiff of till they attain puberty ... like i said, the place is tailor-made to generate hedonism, through every grain of sand that the countless beaches there house ... dam-dam 'heady' my trip was... have been speaking like master yoda from lucas's den, ever since i have returned back from goa... to encapsulate my whole trip in one sand-grain, the trip was AWESOME... it was five whole days of undulating sand and lashing waves against the littoral shore ... time seemed to have stood still as we were out at the beach till 5 in d morn, totally sloshed, the lappin noise still ringing in me ear, and the faint remembrance of having been brought back to our lodge by a friendly samaritan, with urs truly happpppppppily high ... i forgot that i was at the fag end of a professional course... i forgot that i worshipped ayn rand... i even forgot that i write 'advertising' on all the notebooks, in the place where other people write theirs and their other-half's names ... i forgot them all ... all that i remember of my trip to goa is the sheer 'am-on-nimbus-number-niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine' sensation... i tanned like hell... but the grin on my face has just gotten wider... i am back from my first day in col of what's gonna be the last semester that i'll call myself a 'student' ... pretty soon i'll be counting greens and not the marks of any surprise xam... pretty soon, my dad's gonna say that he's 'MY father' and stop saying that i am 'HIS son' ... pretty soon, my granny's gonna stop reminiscing about my sordid past ( gosh woman, that was aeons ago that i flunked my 12th boards... and i was right about 'chemistry' being all about dudes-begetting-dudes/dudettes-with-dudettes... 'hydrocarbons' now that anybody can study and the reason my 12th boards spiralled outta control) .... pretty soon, prasoon joshi's gonna start playing all his computer games in my name... pretty soon, i'm gonna feel like god... naaaaaaaaaaaaaah, that one about me and god was lame and kitschy... but reverting back to goa-talk, if you folks have a week to spare and are not allergic to saline h2o, then my humble request is that please make a trip to this desi shangri la ... go goa :) ...
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