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Monday, December 1, 2008
react ...
we at my work place are reacting and how. we have decided to do three things, first up, which we hope will answer at least some of the questions that we have been repeatedly asking the whole of last week.

1) the message wall: this is how our 'message wall' will work. we intend to distribute chart papers to people. this junta then gets at least 10 other people to voice their opinion on the how to combat terror and make our lives more 'secure'. the voices that are recorded on paper will then be plastered, verbatim, on a huge canvas (a hoarding is what we are looking at). we are in talks with all kinds of people, to make this hoarding see light of the day in at least some 'visible' parts of bangalore/mumbai.

2) 'vox pops', 'vox populi' or 'voice of the masses': shoot maadi and then send maadi. we encourage people to shoot on camera, what the junta thinks should happen from a governance/societal point of view, to make India terror free. we need candid insights, tough talking against politicos (swearing sans the profanity, if it is possible) and the how/what/why of 'combating terrorism'. these videos will then be sent to the news channels (we are 'again' in talks with the right people who will let us get past the red tape and 'actually' air these opinions).

3) an online 'youth' community: not just to dishum-dishum terrorists, but we would wan't this portal to moonlight both as an 'echo of the masses' and also as a 'confidante' one can turn to in times of distress. 'distress' could mirror anything from wanting to know how to access the 'right to information act' to how to get married in a registrar office (after hoodwinking your parents of course!). just a platform, an agony aunt, you can pour out all your grievances into and have them answered to the best of your satisfaction.

this is only the sapling that's being planted. what tree it grows into, only time will tell. what this sapling needs right now, is you readers watering it with your initiative and action. let's join hands to make this world a 'happier' place to live in.


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