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Friday, January 25, 2008
i am legend ?!!!
no folks, me ain't no legend... the syllogism that vinay is legend, and that all legends r superheroes, which translates to me being a super hero is fultooo shit... what me meant was, that my taxin xam's over and that i didn't do half as badly as i thought i would... so cheerio to that... i'l be bangalored for 4 more days after which me and my gang of croonies head off to goa to get ourselves tanned... so yipppppppppeeeeeeee to that too :) ... companies are hovering around our col, but none of them seem to interest me... let's see how much more time before i can afford my own thongs ... n talking about thongs, what's this new found fascination with guys wearing their thongs on their sleeves... the brand name, from what i gather, is as much of a fashion statement as ur xteriors are... and flaunting the neckline of your thong and making it scream out 'peek-a-boo' is in-vogue... christ !!... makers of thongs have never had it so gud, well, thanks to the metro-sexual male... and what's all this hoopla bout the metro-sexual male... surely it's not a CLUB that the male fraternity has started with an inclination to show off their effeminate side... and even if being a metro-sexual literally translates to, 'come take a dekko into the brand of thongs my hips are supporting', how lame, coining a word for the syndrome and making it seem like being a part of the club is kewl... yapppaaa... last known, my hormones are still called 'testosterone' and i'm happy their nomenclature's not been tampered with... i'll try to get in a word on this space before i head off to goa for an entire week... till then, please use fair and lovely guys, coz even though i spewed all those vicious remarks against u folks, my bread and butter will hinge upon selling 'promises' bundled amidst oodles of hormones, to u unsuspecting gits... so, till i start selling 'dreams' then, ciaooo...
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
stark NAKEDNESS in my sky...
before you folks start screaming out for the moral police to come down heavy on me and make me chew me words, i suggest you hear me out... the topic in question has nothing to do with wardrobe malfunction as the provocateur-title suggests... this thought first hit me when me went on and on bout making it big as an ad-man ... some of my friends just laughed in amusement at what they thought was another of my ha-ha-wisecracks... there was this bunch of naysayers who felt that the right side of my brain was clogged with all things GOOFY and that me would come a cropper... there was this other section of peers who volunteered the 'end-is-nigh' apocalyptic forecast for me, the minute i said i intend to afford my kids nappies, making ads... now there are engineers and there are engine-errs... sad they think it's me on the 'err-ing' line when all that i wanna do is make ads that people are gonna watch without having to reach for the remote everytime my creatives unfold on air... so that's a whole lot of nakedness that's ostensible from vinay's end... 'naked' coz there are no two ways bout taking a dekko into my gray matter and yanking out beads of thoughts whose follicles are rooted in anyhting other than 'advertising'... and for those of you who don't know the etymology of the word 'advertising', it stems from the latin word 'advertere' which means 'to turn to'... that's all the trivia me wants to junk my blogspace with as with all trivia, your readership halves itself like some inconsolable hydra that's hellbent on not multiplying itself... weird imagery, aye?? neways, my taxation xam's drawing closer and boy is it taxing or what... and for all those people who cannot fathom why me's studying tax policies when all that i wanna do is make bipasha basu gyrate neath a h2o-fall and shoot all my TVCs, my only spluttering riposte is, 'another semester folks before i fly into MY sky' ...
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Monday, January 14, 2008
mr aamir khan, pls take a bow :)
i sauntered into the movie hall for this movie, that's making all the right noises, a few days back... the movie of course being taare zameen par... and boy did it pan out 'wow' or what ... when the painter hanging precariously atop a sky rise building, mixes the glistening bucket of colours and splatters it across his concrete canvas, you are dumbstruck... dumbstruck with awe as blobs of paint nonchalantly spring out of his matted brush and land with magnificent plonks on ishant's face... the imagery i have just described, the description itself, doesn't do justice to the magic that this movie weaves... it has to be xperienced, period, the 'period' itself being a prelude to the many periods whence me's gonna say, tzp rocks... i have this one lecturer at col who thinks i write like dickens! now before you folks get all presumtuous and spank me well rounded bottom for committing literary blasphemy, let me tell you that this lady loathes me and that she meant it as an accusation... which me left me precious lil to ponder about, since she appeared to get this vicarious kick dickensifying me!! so vinay made a vow... he vowed that he's gonna dutifully pander her ego henceforth and use words that she can easily understand, without her having to fish for the shift-f7 key, much before she can cry foul and TWIST herself in unfathomable frustration, oliver or not! i have officially started sprouting muscles in the torso region, as my gym capers over the last couple of months have started yielding bulging results... for the uninitiated, i'm a second year MBA student, and i still have a couple of xams to finish before next week, after which i come a semester close to being able to afford my own fuel expenses or splurging on the latest paperback ... half my friends are already placed on campus, and me's still waiting for that 'creative' job that will hopefully come my way... i told mom, that the day i'l make an ad for gitanjali jewels or nakshatra diamonds, she's gonna be the muse... she just blushed, something my dad's been unable to get her to do for quite sometime now! life's rolling along gathering all kinds of hmmmm-inducing-moss and i only hope dickens will script me a story that's half as tragic and twice as adventurous as his literatti offerings are :) ... happy sankranthi to everybody who chances upon this blogspace of mine...
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ta dah...!! unveilin the brown me, sans d LEXICON (?!)
people keep calling me a lexicon... i told me mom the other day that the umbilical cord that held me strapped, in her cosy-comfy womb, for her entire period of gestation, must have been darn straining... i mean, from what people have told me, if my genotype had this weird helix of chromosomes that screamed THESAURUS, right through every inch of every strand, then i must have been a helluva heavy baby to carry! but mom did... and if she did it that effortlessly (oh oooh, that adjective incidentally, my dad's gonna vouch for that!) , then i see no sonorous rhyme or reason why people can't stand me for what i'm... it pains me when my wavy sexy hair goes unnoticed ... it pains me more when my 'wide splitting grin', tailor-made for the flash bulbs, gets no mention on me frens list of 'must-discuss-it' topics... but my occasional use of the word 'acrimonious', now that's splattered across the not-so-hallowed portals of me col... yamah, yabah, yapah... anyways, as things stand, me's not complainin so much bout the fact that my nomenclature's been tampered with... i might scream holy-sacrilege and for all i care, that just might be lost out amidst the pithy conundrum called, 'vinay's penchant for oxymorons' ... but enough of me blabber ... this blog's here 2 stay n this lexicon's not gonna go wasted, having been cooped up within the innards of me verbiose self, for quite some time now... my frens have been hollering for some real esoteric-cloud-nine-diction ( sad they think it's a disorder, is me verbal-babble!) ... but more than anything, it's coz someone very recently told me that writing's-damn-right-therapeutic... so here goes me new start to the new year... i'm writing and cheerio for that ... applaud people, i'l pay you folks by the clap if only you doffed your no-nonsense hat to me and me literary fare !! ciaooooooooo .......... n vinay, buddy, u better write right mate ... coz you of all the people ought to know that with you writing, the thesaurus is never gonna go wasted with your hapless readers!!
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